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Successful Dental and Medical Online Marketing

Your successful medical practice is doing steady business with word of mouth advertising but you want to grow. Do you keep hearing all this talk about online marketing and social media and want to use it to put your practice on the proverbial “online” map but have no idea where to start? Online marketing for […]

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Facebook Admin Roles For Your Dental or Medical Page

There have been some more changes to your Facebook business page. You can now add different roles and responsibilities to your business pages admins. Dental and Medical Facebook Page Admin Roles There are now five different roles that your dental and medical Facebook page admins can have. These roles are “Manager,” which has access to everything, followed by “Content Creator,” “Moderator,” “Advertiser” and […]

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social media guide for dental, health care and medical professionals

Social Media Marketing For Your Dental, Health Care or Medical Business

For the third consecutive year, have released their CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officer’s) Guide To The Social Landscape. This is a great guide for knowing what all of the main social media sites are and what they all mean for your dental or medical business. There are some new sites added to the guide this year such […]

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Timeline For Facebook Pages – What You Need To Know

As of  March 30th 2011 all Facebook pages will covert to a new format. If you have a facebook page for your business then this will effect you. The new Timeline format has been available for people’s personal Facebook pages for a couple of months. The new  Facebook Timeline will be standard for business pages from […]

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We want Apple to make the iPhone 5 ethically

Wellsites have  just signed a petition calling for Apple to make their next iPhone ethically. You can join us at Information has recently emerged about the conditions in Apple’s factories in China, and it is appalling.  Workers work twelve-plus hour days, six days a week with no overtime.  Many are routinely exposed to toxic […]

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Which social media platform should you use?

Most health care businesses now know that without a presence on social media, you are missing an important platform for communicating with customers and prospects. You are probably also aware that your competition are also beginning to use social media. To stay with or ahead of the competition you also need to be seriously looking at how […]

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Recent Changes to Facebook

The social networking giant released some major updates to its platform last week So for all you who have a  facebook page for your health care, medical or dental practice,  here’s your quick and easy guide to catch up with the recent changes:

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