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medical dental online marketing

Successful Dental and Medical Online Marketing

Your successful medical practice is doing steady business with word of mouth advertising but you want to grow. Do you keep hearing all this talk about online marketing and social media and want to use it to put your practice on the proverbial “online” map but have no idea where to start? Online marketing for […]

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dental branding

Dental Branding For Your Practice

For many dental practices, brand marketing is a foreign concept, but the reality is, if you’re not branding yourself, you’re being branded by your competition. It’s time to take charge. By Amanda Lohan Carolyn Dean, director of healthcare website specialist Wellsites, warns that if you are not presenting a strong brand to your patients, you will still be […]

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Why Use A Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) is critical to the success of your health care, medical or dental website and intranet. Yet many people  are not familiar with this technology. Below is an outline of common  website problems, our solutions, and some of the many benefits you will gain using our website CMS technology for your health […]

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medical hospital logo stationery design

Melbourne Melanoma Project – Medical Website, Logo & Stationery

Client –Melbourne Melanoma Project Location – East Melbourne, Vic Specialty – Melanoma Research Project Solutions – Website Design, Logo, Stationery  

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Helpful tips when registering a domain

Want to register a domain name for your medical or health care business? It has never been easier or cheaper. But there is still some confusion about what your domain name should be and how to register and structure your domain name. The following are tips to follow when registering your domain name. Tips when […]

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New Client The Healing Nest

Client –The Healing Nest Location – Tingalpa, QLD Specialty – Kinesiology Solutions – Website Design, Logo, Stationery Website –   

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Health centre website design

New Client Elemental Health

Client – Elemental Health Location – St Ives, NSW Specialty – Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Reflexology, Life Coaching, Massage, Nutrition Solutions – Website Design Website –    

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Medical practitioner website design

New Client Medihost Solutions Pty Ltd

Client – Medihost Solutions Pty Ltd Location – Brookvale, NSW Specialty – Hosting services for medical practitioners Solutions – Website Website –  

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New Client Prue Fitzpatrick

Client – Prue Fitzpatrick Location – Quarry Beach, Queensland Specialty – Remedial Massage and Quantum Biofeedback Solutions – Website Design Wesbite –  

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Medical Website Design

New Client Australian Anthroposophic Medicine Association

Client – Australian Anthroposophic Medicine Association Location – Warranwood, Vic Specialty – Anthroposophic Medicine Association Solutions – Website Design Website –    

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